I have been writing a few fanfics for a few years. And so far, on fanfiction.net I don’t have any negitive responces.

All together my stories have over a thousand views.  I even have one story on Fur Affinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zencando/) that I thought was too in detail for Fanfiction.net

Now any one who has read the comments of Fanfiction stories it becomes very clear very quickly, if you are a horrible writer, people will let you know. They will blow you out of the water quicker than a Somalian pirate in a row boat attacking a uss battleship.
They are a harsh crowd.


The fact that I have that many views and no negitive comments could mean a few things.

1- My stories are so bad they aren’t even worth criticizing

2- My stories aren’t bad enough or good enough to really fuss over.

I am hoping its the second one.