“Our Critics are our friends, for they show us our faults.”

-Benjamin Franklin


“From failure you learn. From success, not so much.”

-Meet the Robinsons


“Ready! Fire! Adjust! Aim! Fire again!”

-Max Kongo


The first review of my short story in a week for Aladdin’s Dare. It said “the complete lack of editing was enough to ruin it.”

Which to be fair, I did rush through the editing process. I am going to read a book on grammar so I would say that will help my writing tremendously.


It also said, “This story takes what could have been a good idea and proceeds to make it anything but.”


To be fair, the story does go in many different directions. Some may not have been in the taste of the reader. It is also the first story I ever wrote where I didn’t have the end in mind when I started to write. Normally I’ll have the idea for the story in my head, and how I see it ending. Then the scenes just work them selves out. This is the first story I saw the beginning and figured the rest would work itself out.


I would like to invite the reviewer, to read my other stories I have written and leave comment’s there as well. Then I’ll have a better picture on what works and what does not.


Aladdin’s Dare was merely a test for more stories to come. I plan on exploring a lot of original idea’s for short stories and wanted to see how easy Smashwords was to get published. It is very simple to publish a story there.


I’ll continue writing at Fanfiction and Fur Affinity. Mainly because I like to explore possible ways established characters can interact.


Smashwords I am going to start using the pay for a short story feature. I think 0.99 for a story isn’t that bad at all. So I’ll see how it goes from here. Wish me luck.



Again if anyone wishes to read other places I write there they are






Fur Affinity: