Welcome to the first ever Kongo’s Korner Q&A. Where I’ll hopefully be interviewing a different writer each month. Learning a little about there creative process and exposing them to a wider or more diverse audience than what they may currently have. That is the goal of Kongo’s Korner Q&A.

I will try to keep the questions as tame as possible. The answers however are uncensored, and unchanged.

This month, the very first guess is Mchollis89. This author has written a story of Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers in which Dale is turned into a girl titled             Ms Dale.

Q & A

Q) Anyone who has seen Rescue Rangers Adventures in Squirrel-sitting has seen Dale in drag. What was your inspiration to explore a world where Dale was a girl?

A) Well, I came across a picture of Dale, being turned into a female, but it was done for laughs, and mature entertainment. 😉 So I wondered what would it be like if that actually happened. That, coupled with “issues” I’ve had since I was young.

Q) What would you say has been the funniest part of writing this story?

A) Nothing comes to mind, right now. Sorry, but I do have a few things in mind (no telling), but for the record, I LOVE 4th wall jokes.
Q) Everyone knows that a great hero needs a great bad guy or obstacle to over come. What are your deciding factors, or character traits, when considering the villains of the story?
A) Well, I tried to keep EVERYONE in character, or as close to it as possible, as they were in the show. Nimnul was the only recuring villain who could have pulled it off, and as shown, he’s not above unetheical, and likely illegal animal experimentation, or otherwise using them to further his own ends. as a Science major, anyone blatantly disregarding scientific ethics, to me, deserves to be the antagonist.

Q) Creativity, comes and goes for most. There is no magical on or off switch. When do you find your burst of creativity is most active?

A) Randomly. but when it comes, it comes!

Not like that, you perverts!
Q) In your story, once Dale is turned into a girl, she finds she enjoys shopping as well as cooking. What would you like to say to anyone who thinks your turning Dale into negative female stereotype?

A) Girls, Shopping and Cooking… Considering I’m doing this in context to a nineties’ show, I don’t think I have. Shopping- every girl back then practially had to pry that credit card form their parents’ tightly clenched fists. Cooking- Eh, Maybe… But then again, you don’t HAVE to read my stories.
Q) What are your favorite types of stories to read?

A) Mysteries (I just love a good who-done-it) Modern Fantasy (I love Fantasy/Magic stuff, but doing it in the olden days of kings and knights is dated to me. I need Modern contemporary, dang it!) Si-Fi- especially future stories (I love thinking of the new gadgets and tech that’s yet to be invented and the changes it makes on society)
Q) Movie wise, what is your favorite film and why?

A) I have several, dozens, even. But the one that stands out for me is Disney’s Robin Hood. Why? Because it’s 100% Anthro (OK, furry. Happy?). Now while other movies have athro characters, Robin Hood stands out to me because it is the only one, that I know of, that has NOTHING to do with Humans (Save for a few pop culture references). No Humans, nor hints or stories of their existence. If other modern Movies count, Robin Hood was my first. So, there.
Q) If you could be a fictional character for a week, who would you be and what would you do?

A) Now, THAT is a loaded question… I really don’t know WHICH to choose, but pretty much a talking cat (non athro) paired with a human (except for Salem). Name any character like that and I’d be good. And as for what I’d do…? That depends one which cat character I am. But If i can help it, Nap :3
Q) In a story where two characters become intimate with each other, do you feel the more details the scene has the better? Or do you think that it should simply be hinted and let the readers imagination fill in the gap?

A) Well, that depends on the audience you want to go for, and the feel you want for such scenes. Those factors in themselves are very situational, and can vary as such/
Q) If a future writer were to ask you for guidance and words of encourgement, what would you say to them?

A) Beware the WALL OF TEXT. Try to be original as you can. And find what flows for you. If the story stops flowing, don’t push it. Be sure what you write is what YOU want it to be, instead of trying to please your audience. Don’t be afraid to call hiatus to your audience. It’s your story first and foremost. Could you imagine what Harry Potter would be like if its author changed her story and writing style based on what her fans wanted changed? I can… :3

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That is all the questions for this session of Kongo’s Korner! I would like to thank mchollis89 for agreeing to be the first victim er…I mean guest. If you would like to read the story Ms Dale, you can find it here: