OK! I am back! I released 3 storys on Fanfiction this past week will update them next month!

With RRSA3 I have the story written I am just adding more details to the juicey scenes…

Molly secrets Revealed part 2. This story is going to take awhile. It wasn’t supposed to take a long time. It was supposed to be: Cubbi and sunni show up, some stuff happens, rebecca and cubbi fall in love and then they leave. That was the basic story line. Then with Molly secrets revealed part 1 I sort of trapped my self in Cape Suzette. I now have a story in my head about what takes place durring Cubbi and Sunni’s time in Cape Suzette. So I will be writing this story for a while, until its all on paper.

Fan Request Theatre 2: I put a spell on you. This story is mostly written I just have 4 to 5 more chapters to write and then it will be complete.

As always if you have any questions or comments please let me know. My door is always open. Except when it is not, no?